Legalization is a process of authenticating the documents issued in one country and intended for use in another country in order to be recognized as valid in foreign country. The documents are first verified from respective Universities /Colleges and then authenticated by respective – HRD department from where the document is issued and then authenticated / apostilled by Ministry of External Affairs.  After MEA authentication, it is submitted to the Embassy / Consulate for final attestation.

The process of attestation is conducted to authenticate the documents and certificates of candidates for genuineness. Afnan Travels, backed by a team of experienced professionals, specializes in providing HRD, MEA , and EMBASSY Attestation  for candidates who are planning to go abroad for employment.. Our agency follow MEA (Ministry Of External Affairs) rules in order to provide you best possible Attestation & Authentication services for various countries.

We understand the values of the certificate that it is an essential legal formality with official seal and signature of the authorities and attestation makes it legally valuable.

We are engaged in providing services regarding attestation of all the Education and Non – Education certificates of the candidates within the shortest possible time period. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we accelerate the attestation process through our contact with numerous governmental organizations. Lots of the candidates have got benefit from our services with relatively low costs.